Popular City Tours In Europe For Off The Beaten Path

Europe is known for being a leader in tourism, with much of the continent reachable via bus or railway. However, have a look at these five lesser known cities you can visit before feeling crowded in places like Paris, Rome, or Berlin.
Munich, Germany – Hip, Both Then and Now According to The Huffington Post, Munich is starting to gain a hip side with establishments like The Flushing Meadows, a just-opened hotel whose fourth-floor bar acts as a kind of living room for the city’s creative set, and the swanky rooftop bar at The Louis, a 72-room hideaway with a top-notch Japanese restaurant and views over the Viktualienmarkt. Besides this, some of the classic places to visit are the English Gardens, the Lenbachhaus Museum, and Die Goldene Bar, built in the 1930’s and hidden in the Haus de Kunst museum.
Antwerp, Belgium – Art Haven Known for the one-of-a-kind Pantone Hotel, with its signature colors, and a roofdeck overlooking Saint-Gilles, Antwerp has much more to offer aside from quirky colorful hotels. Both classical and modern art is on the rise with galleries such as Rubenshuis (dedicated to Rubens) and Stielitz 19 (modern photography).
Riga, Latvia – Busy Streets and Art Spaces Art Nouveau is the language of Latvia’s cobblestoned streets, lined with 1800’s houses and theaters. Detailed buildings mean a great sense of detail when it comes to other arts such as fashion and cuisine, with favorites such as Madam Bonbon, a designer fashion boutique, and Vincents, Martins Ritins masterchef restaurant sourced by local, organic farmers.
Valencia, Spain – For Foodies and Architecture Nerds Mercado Central is located here, Spain’s largest market, where food such as boquerones (anchovies), tortilla bocadillo and various omelets are served. It is also known for Vuleve Carolina, one of the most iconic tapas fusion restaurants, including menu items like foie fras in a rum and cola sauce.
For Architecture lovers, Valencia houses the City of Arts and Sciences, dotted with works by famous Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava, known for his dramatic Modernist curves and structural suspension systems.
Zagreb, Croatia – Street Culture Known for its unrelenting graffiti and street art, the city has opened Lapo Lapo, a graffiti art gallery featuring artists like Bare and Modul.
For museum lovers who want something new, Jetsetter recommends the “Museum of Broken Relationships”, worlds apart from the classical museums of the Pantheon or the Louvre, as it displays architects from modern relationships that have ended.