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Haunted Arapahoe County, Colorado: The Haunted Locations of Centennial, Englewood and Littleton

Littleton Mayor Phil Cernanec said his excitement for the new Breckenridge Brewery goes beyond just the potential sales tax revenue.

"I think it's going to be one of those facilities that's a destination … and it will be an employment center in the community," Cernanec said.

The growing beer company would agree, with its $35 million project due to open in April.

"It is very much gonna become the face of everything we do at Breckenridge Brewery, and we want to make it a destination spot," said Matt Eldridge of Breckenridge Brewery's marketing department.

Between the restaurant and the brewery, the company will employ about 130 people to start, Eldridge said.

The new location, announced early last year, will be more than just a place for people to enjoy a meal and a beer at the new Farm House restaurant. It will be Breckenridge Brewery's main production site, with each bottle having "Littleton, Colorado" printed on it.

Eldridge said initial production capacity would be for 125,000 barrels a year, with the possibility of growing to 500,000 barrels before the company would need to build extra facilities on the site. The company's production facilities are currently located in downtown Denver.

"With our main production facility on Kalamath Street, we're pretty much at capacity there. We're gonna finish out 2014 at 70,000 barrels, and that's all that place can pump out with what it's doing," Eldridge said.

The new location is on 12 acres between Santa Fe Drive and the Mary Carter Greenway Trail and the future site of the Reynold's Landing Project, for which the city is spending $1.1 million next year to expand pedestrian access to the South Platte River and the new brewery.

The first phase of the brewery project will be the bulk of the construction, with room to grow. Eldridge said there's talk in the company of adding a beer garden or outdoor bar.

"I think it fits in the character of the area the way they're setting up the (Breckenridge Brewery) property," Cernanec said.

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Littleton City Manager Michael Penny said the city plans to take advantage of the brewery's attractiveness as a tourist spot.

"We plan to work in partnership with Breckenridge Brewery to make visitors aware of other amenities nearby like Hudson Gardens, Aspen Grove (shopping center) and Historic Downtown Littleton," Penny said in an e-mail.

The location is expected to attract tourists, particularly through its tour of the production facilities. Part of the tour will go over a covered pedestrian bridge between buildings. Tours will then end in a tasting room.

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