Valentine’s Day in Paris

Champagne cruise on the Seine? Check. Dinner by the Eiffel Tower? Check. Best Valentine’s Day ever? Definitely. LOOK

Paris is a city to be immersed in, with boulevards, monuments, works of art and magical lights. It’s a city to taste: cheese, chocolate, wine, bread. And it’s a city to hear: opera, jazz or world music, or perhaps you just like the sound of the metro cars whooshing by on their rubber wheels.

First-time visitors often arrive in Paris with all sorts of expectations: of grand vistas, of intellectuals discussing weighty matters in cafes, of romance along the Seine, of sexy cabaret revues. It’s all here, but don’t forget to explore a little and see Paris’ backstreets too.

Nothing is more romantic than being treated like royalty. Crystal chandeliers, fine linens, antique furnishings, marble baths, the latest technologies discreetly hidden from sight, beds fit for a king… Paris’ historic palace hotels certainly know how to roll out the red carpet.

Museums might bring to mind long lines and a blur of endless artworks you feel guilty for not appreciating enough. But done the right way, Paris’ museums are underrated places for couples to appreciate each other in beautiful surroundings.

Considering how long couples have been coming to Paris – to propose, to wed, to honeymoon, to celebrate anniversaries, or simply to enjoy a sexy getaway – it’s no surprise the city’s service industry strives to cater to their every fantasy.

Romance is so intimately intertwined with drinking and dining that Paris could beat most cities in the world on its culinary heritage alone. It’s not merely the food itself which the French treasure.

Never underestimate the power of a romantic backdrop. You have to make some serious efforts to find a view of Paris that isn’t framed by an iconic monument, a Gothic church, a winding medieval street, an elegant wrought iron balcony, or stunning architecture. But don’t let the surroundings distract you from the person standing next to you.

What are you waiting for…time for a Romantic Tour of Paris!

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